#InclusionWorks is a really great opportunity to communicate because it incorporates all the elements of a great story- Situation, conflict, and resolution. #INCLUSIONWORKS has every day people (employees) overcoming unique obstacles and a cast of characters (employers) supporting them.

Communication Goals: 1. increased #InclusionWorks website traffic 2. maximum exposure (sharing) of social media pieces


Multimedia production pieces centered around fascinating stories shot or presented in eye catching mediums (cinematic footage, dramatic photography, vibrant graphic design). The core of this plan are multimedia shoots where videographer, photographer, writer and even graphics person can be on hand (physically or virtually) to give direction to what they need.

1. feature stories shot in a cinematic style with a multimedia.

2. short portrait-style cinemagraphs for online content:  https://flixel.com/cinemagraph/sqpmgc6s0g4kwchm7xkg/

3. I'm a big fan of quote graphics: http://www.relatably.com/q/img/great-quotes-on-leadership-and-life/mandela-impossible.png

4. Infographics: https://duranvirginia.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/virginia_duran_blog_infographic_inspiration_14.png

5. Blogs



The most important but usually the most overlooked part of government production processes.

1. Content is King: The hardest part is finding the right story to tell. This is a good 45 day process. We need to solicit, accept and vet story submissions.