In government communications, we are given sour lemons more than the sweet stuff. So, I've learned to make good lemonade. My work primarily involves communicating difficult topics as simply as possible. Need new rules or policies explained clearly? I'm your guy. Need legalese translated so your grandma gets it? Send it my way. Science stuff? I’ve got you covered. I work best at keeping creative teams of conflicting interests and priorities focused on what is ultimately most important: the viewer.

     I've worked as a producer/videographer for over 15 years. I cut my teeth as a Soldier/storyteller in Iraq. I was educated at Syracuse University. Received my first Emmy as a Soldier in Washington, D.C. Then my second as a civilian with the Department of Veterans Affairs. And my third with the Environmental Protection Agency. Each time, our work competed against civilian projects with bigger budgets and more manpower. My mantra: when you are given the opportunity to communicate, no matter how sour the lemon is, learn to make good lemonade. Our audiences deserve it.